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Marty-o Fail smackdown by RoflysWorkshop

1. Oh my gosh dis is bootiful. *excuse the pun* *a boo shoots me* 2. Rofly waht r u doin, Rofly stahp. 3. I wonder if Cloud Dust could ...

Sketch-it! 1 by RoflysWorkshop

1. The expressions are hilarious 2. It's funny that you drew Shigeru like that, though I forgot to mention he's the tallest out of my O...




That a gaming legend died yesterday due to a bile duct growth....…

Nintendo of Japan confirmed it, even Daddy Sakurai himself confirmed it.

Iwata has passed from our world. What will become of Nintendo? I don't know to be honest... I just have a lot of different emotions about this.

He had a great sense of humor, worked in many franchises, he was just the perfect man for his job... But now he's gone. That's all I can really say...

Forever rest in peace, Iwata.…

This has been your Furry Christian Gamer...
I've been playing Sm4sh a lot. Today I two stocked a FG Pikachu player as Ryu. I really love using the DLC characters. Just hoping for some more newcomers though...

Anyways, here's the song (well vg track) for today:

I came across this gem and it's been catchy as fudge. I love it to death. That is all.


This has been your Furry Christian Gamer!
Today was pretty good... got out of the house today to watch fireworks with an irl friend and we had a good ol' time. Not much happened today though, but it was great.

We talked about Kid Icarus: Uprising, Xenoblade (Chronicles) X, Sm4sh, Street Fighter, and a bit more. Later, I bought pocky, those sour candies (blooper edition), and one of those Rainbow Dash drinks today, BTW.

I hope you guys had a good day today and hopefully it was not a waste of time for you all...

But before I close this off, I will probably do a song every Saturday in a journal. Generally one that I like (sometimes a vg track or a real song).

Here's the one for today:

But here its well known incarnation (same thing but with an animation to it):


This has been your Furry Christian Gamer!
Princess Wolf Ref by ScientificGamerFox
Princess Wolf Ref
Name: Snow "Jade" Urufu

Species: Snow Wolf

Abilities: The ability to control water, snow, and ice. Her physical strength isn't the greatest, so this helps her a lot. Her tail's symbol changes upon the time of day.

Personality: Cheery, innocent, upbeat, somewhat sassy, and can sometimes be a bit egotistical. But generally loves her peers as family.

Hobbies: Mastering the art of snow, water, and ice. Also she occasionally makes sculptures out of snow and ice.

Age: 19

Bio: She grew up with the fascination of snow, ice, and water. Her favorite thing to do was make replicas of her surroundings with ice. Most don't know her direct backstory, all they know is that... she loves snow of course. But later in her life, she was surrounded by aggressive predators (bears that were twice her size). King Alex was lucky enough to be there to rescue her from the treacherous fate. He then asked who she was and why she was doing there in a dangerous place, she had explained that she was just wandering the area since of the disappearance of her parents. ...King Alex knew what possibility happened but kept silent about it. He asked her " about I take care of you for now until I can find your parents?" She had agreed to the offer, since she was very lonely. From that day forward, Snow has became a huge part of the Urufu Royal family.

Adoptive Siblings: Prince Yakobu Urufu, Prince Silver Urufu, and Princess Gold Urufu

Home: The Modern Urufu Kingdom

Guardian: King Alex Urufu (she was adopted at a young age, after her parents disappeared)

Base (C) :iconcloppy-fuzz:

Snow "Jade" Urufu (C) Me

Yakobu, Silver, Gold, and Alex Urufu (C) Me

Modern Urufu Kingdom (C) Me

I hope you guys and gals like this!

EDIT 7/2/15 9:49 PM EST: I added more details about her and adjusted things. I can't believe I forgot about this character.
That a gaming legend died yesterday due to a bile duct growth....…

Nintendo of Japan confirmed it, even Daddy Sakurai himself confirmed it.

Iwata has passed from our world. What will become of Nintendo? I don't know to be honest... I just have a lot of different emotions about this.

He had a great sense of humor, worked in many franchises, he was just the perfect man for his job... But now he's gone. That's all I can really say...

Forever rest in peace, Iwata.…

This has been your Furry Christian Gamer...

If I get Xenoblade Chronicles X when it comes out or later; who should my character be? 

4 deviants said An Original Character
2 deviants said Roy or Marth (Fire Emblem)
1 deviant said Rosalina (Super Mario)
No deviants said Lucas or Claus (Mother 3)
No deviants said Suitless Samus Aran (Metroid)
No deviants said A Different Nintendo Character or Nintendo Protagonist *Comment*
No deviants said Other Character outside of Nintendo *Comment*


ScientificGamerFox's Profile Picture
Jacob Bell
United States
I'm a Christian gamer that loves animals. I also love fictional mysteries (sometimes). As well as RolePlaying.

I have been playing video games since I was 4 or 5. My first games were: Super Mario World and Super Mario All-Stars.

One of my favorite game series is the Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Series. (AKA Gyakuten Saiban and Gyakuten Kenji series, ETC.)

Also, I hope I can get along with you all.

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"Don't let people throw away your idea. Even if one person likes it." ~Me

"Time has past
never change my pride." ~Spinwake

"Searching for the truth..." ~Hiro-X

"On my journey where I know one pain after another
I draw closer to my true self." ~Miyamoto Shunichi

"I'm the best!" ~Toad

"Luigi is the pope!" ~Luigi

"Tall men walk through this." ~JonTron

"The only problem with life is the fact that most of our species is judgemental over others. Such a sad world we live in today." ~Me

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"Haven't you forgotten already? In my world, the color red doesn't exist. These must be... my tears." ~Godot (Diego Armando)

"An epic battle of the court, the 'ace' attorney cornering the witness, questioning his motives. One statement and the witness was caught. The defense overtook him, proceeding to the next logical question before the witness could finish. The witness was clearly lying coldly, but the attorney was wanting to find the truth, so he kept pressing on. This comeback was no more spectacular than casting magic. Then he went into turnabout mode and went to the cinema. That part's important." ~TheSuperthingymabob on YouTube

"The only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over." ~Godot (Diego Armando)

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"You'll never defeat me." ~Lucina (SSB4)

"I've got your back." ~Female Robin (SSB4)


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Hmm...the image you just favorited really fits your username.

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But Jack's brain cells are just too freakin' adorable. :giggle:

PS: Have you favorited Jack Becomes An Hero yet? That image right there is some of the best Cave Story fanart of all time, and it is also full of adorable characters. :D
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